Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Continuing to quilt!

Still quilting away and loving it!  I made this summery green, black and white table topper from a pattern from a weekly email from  It's the first piecing I've done completely on my own.  It's being quilted right now and I hope to get it back tomorrow so I can stitch on the binding.  As soon as I put it on the floor my 16 year old pooch, Chance, decided it looked like a pretty good dog quilt!

The fabrics below are ones that I am using in the quilt I'm working on now.  It's the Pinwheels on Point quilt from the Sew Scrappy magazine.  My friend, Tina, that I met in quilting class, and I begged :-) our teacher to teach us another quilt and we were able to talk her into going with us to a fabulous quilting store - Pennington Quilt Works and lunch!.  Heaven on Earth!!  I could not believe the amount of gorgeous fabrics and amazing quilts on display!  We literally spent hours in the store picking out our fabric (yes, it's supposed to be a scrappy quilt but since we've both only made 3 quilts now we don't have a ton of scraps yet - I can see how you build up quite a scrap stash quickly though!)  We had a quick, yummy lunch before heading home.  We have SO much fun together!  We are meeting once a week and chat and quilt and chat some more... 

This new quilt has pinwheels (hence the name ;-)  and yesterday they were kicking my patootie!  I'm hoping to get some more solid time working on the quilt today as it seems like once I get into a groove the pinwheels will move along more quickly,  I need to have 28 more finished by tomorrow!

We've had a nice Spring - a lot of time spent at lacrosse for my son which we all enjoyed.  My oldest daughter and I ran/walked in our 1st 5k this past weekend and it was challenging and fun.  The girls dance recitals are Father's Day weekend.  And, we are into the wind down of school - 2 more weeks until summer vacation begins.  We are all ready!!!  Here are a couple pics of my wonderful family who are kindly tolerating my taking over of the dining table with my fabric and sewing machine!!!
 Mother's Day -

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  1. Oh Mere! I love the colors!! And a quilt shop in Pennington? Fun! I remember Pennington! It wasn't very far from where we lived in New Hope, PA. So cool!
    Happy sewing my sweet friend.