Sunday, May 6, 2012

A little obsessed right now...

I am a little obsessed right now...with anything quilting or sewing related...  I made another quilt top.  I love this color combo as much as the first one and I love the math/geometry involved (crazy - because I have NEVER been a lover of anything mathatical!!)   I was about 2 inches too short of my border fabric so at the suggestion of my teacher I improvised and used some of the star fabric to make up the difference.  I love how this turned out!

My first quilt is now being long-armed by my teacher and on Friday she'll show us how to bind it.  I'm still debating on whether to do this one by hand or have her do it for me.  I want to learn but I also want to keep going on learning the piecing part...  Decisions, decisions...   I bought the Quilts and More Summer 2012 issue while we were at Sam's this afternoon.  I am DROOLING over "Mixed Berries" Quilt by Kimberly Walus.  I love the colors and this seems like a good first quilt for me tackle truly on my own.  This maybe require a trip to a "real" quilting store though as I'm not sure the big craft store where I've been buying my fabrics will have exactly what I'm looking for for this project.

I've also picked up a pattern and fabric to make a purse (mind you I've never sewn from a pattern before so this will be interesting!)  And, I've downloaded instructions on how to make simple skirts for my girls...  I have a big list of things to buy at the craft store tomorrow...

So, a little obsessed, as I've said...  I haven't even thought of picking up my cross stitch in over a month (SO strange!) but I'm loving this for now and going with it...  I may have to re-name this blog though...

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  1. Gorgeous quilt top!!! I have started a few and never finished any yet, maybe one of these days!! Great job!! Can't wait to see it completely finished!