Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A near finish and a finish...

Greetings!  I have some quilting progress pics and a finish to show you!  The first is a near finish on my scrappy quilt!  Here it is without the borders.  It is HUGE!!!  I scaled it up from 6 inch squares to 10 inch while leaving the same number of squares - 54 in all!  With the 2 borders now added - one thinner red border and then a wider border of gorgeous blue butterfly fabric with a touch of red in it (I think it's from the Papillion line) it is now just a couple inches shy of a king size quilt!!!
 A close up of some of the pinwheels and checkerboard blocks.
Here you can see how large it is layed out on my living floor - this is our whole living room (and downstairs living space beside the dining room, where I have commandeered the table and our eat-in kitchen, thank goodness for that!)   For about 1 week,  I had to have my children (and dogs - with less success) tip-toe around the squares until I could get the rows sewn together!  They were good sports!  (Excuse the vacuum in the upper right hand corner of the pic - we have NO closets downstairs and I didn't even notice it was in the pic until now!!)
 I am SO pleased with how it's turned out.  It now has the borders and has been beautifully quilted by Olga my teacher, quilter and friend.  I am in the process of hand sewing on the binding now.  I hope to have pics of a completely finished quilt soon!

Next up is a table runner that I made for a dear friend of mine that will be moving to just south of Boston at the end of this week.  They will be living right near the water and a month ago I found this fun nautical fabric.

 I pretty much made up this pattern using the above scrappy quilt as a guide.  I love how it turned out!!

 The back - love this boat fabric.  I wish them the best of luck in their new home but will miss them terribly!!!
So, that's it for now!!!  I've started a lattice quilt (pretty purples and pinks with white sashing) and I've been sewing some skirts and I'm itching to sew a cute tote bag...  I hope to have some more finished things to show you soon! 

Have a great day and thanks for visiting!!



  1. Oh Mere! It is so pretty and so huge!! And I love your super cute yellow rose chair too.

  2. Hi Meredith,
    My name is Anna and I see you haven't posted on your lovely blog for a while. I hope this reaches you anyway.
    Your quilt is fabulous!
    I'm actually writing to you because I've stolen an idea from you, and I wanted to let you know about that and also to thank you for it.
    So; I loved the dogs you stitched on your LHN Neighborhood, and have now done the same. Hopefully you won't be angry.
    I wish you a happy end of the summer,
    with love from Sweden

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