Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm hooked...

Well...I absolutely LOVE quilting!!!!  Here is a picture of my 8 stars which I brought to class last Friday and then the stars sewn together.  Next week we learn how to add borders and make our quilt sandwich.

I love this quilt.  I love this springy/summery feel of the white background and pretty colors.  However, without understanding color theory at all - I realized last Friday that while the white is very nice, in order to make the white really "pop" there is going to need to be some super quilting...and, that isn't taught in the class!  Infact, I can't seem to find any classes that teach the actual quilting part of quilting...  So, our teacher has offered to long-arm my quilt and the other woman's quilt in the class and then she will add on a 4th class on teach us how to bind the quilt together.

So, because I want to learn how to make an entire quilt myself I decided to start another one (yes, I'm hooked on quilting already!)  This time I chose a completely different color palate and my background fabric has a subtle design in it which I hope will be very forgiving as I teach myself how to hand quilt.  Eventually, I'd like to learn on a machine but I think that is going to mean I need to buy a new machine...and I don't want to do that yet.  Right now I am using my Great Grandmother's portable Singer machine - it is fabulous to use but I'm not sure it will quilt easily through the quilt sandwich.  It's also not very big so I'm not sure that these smaller quilts will even fit on it.

Here's my new fabric...

I really love both of these quilts.  They are the same pattern but are going to look so different because of the colors!  I am going to start attending a local Quilt Guild that my teacher belongs to.  It sounds like a wonderful way to meet other Quilters and a great way to learn how to make different kind of quilts.  Thank you for visiting and as always, for all the inspiration you give me!!! 


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