Sunday, January 9, 2011

Making a little progress...

Hello! Happy Sunday! I haven't stitched much since Christmas but the little bit of stitching I've done I've worked on my LHN Little House Neighborhood. I am slowly working my way toward the bottom and then of course, have the whole border to do. I really love this piece and want to focus on it until it's done and hanging above our couch! I have personalized it a little bit so far by stitching a dog rather than the squirrel. I will add another pooch to the other side as well since we have 2 dogs. I just need to figure out the reverse of it...

This is where I am now - the final house. Since Christmas I've finished the bottom of the main section of the house, the two lower roofs and have started the left side to the house.

I am going to work on it some more now. My oldest daughter is at a birthday party all afternoon, my youngest daughter is napping and my husband and son are off cutting out his pinewood derby car for Boy Scouts. Ahhhhh...quiet time, stitching time... Hope to show you some progress later!
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  1. LH Neighbour looks great, I love the added bits x

  2. Great progress on the Neighborhood! Hope you enjoyed your quiet stitching time...

  3. Looks great! Hope you got a lot done during the quiet time!