Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Start - however small it is...

Hello! I wanted to share my very small new start...It is on My Lady's Quaker and I am really going to enjoy stitching her. I am part of a SAL so it's nice to be able to share our progress on the same piece. I am using DMC 315 and 3727. They are a purply-rosy color. A little different then what I usually choose but I layed out 4 different color combos each with 2 colors and my daughter Gracyn liked this the best. So, so do I!

Here she is...
I am going to stitch on her again tonight if my kids allow ;-) My 3 year old has been running a 101-102 fever for the past 2 days so she is pretty cranky (just a virus - had her ears and throat checked out yesterday) and my older two have gone about stir crazy since we haven't left the house/yard in two days now... Hoping they don't get this since school starts a week from tomorrow for them. The 1st grade!!!!

So, that's it for now. Stitch on her for tonight (fingers crossed) and then put a rotation into place!
Thanks for visitng and hope you are getting some stitching done too!

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