Monday, August 31, 2009

A small update

Hello! Hope you are all well and enjoying the end of summer. I have made a little progress on my Sun Flower Inn. The house and fence are now done! (Aahh! I just noticed that I didn't stitch the two chimneys on the top is almost done.) I am excited to move on to some color - that is what drew me to this piece, the hazy yellows and greens of the end of summer. I started the yellow front door this morning. Wouldn't you just love to have a yellow front door?!

Tomorrow I am starting a new piece. It is "My Lady's Quaker" and I'll be part of a stitch along over at this blog: I need to get my fabric, colors ready for that today.

I now have enough nice pieces going (that will make 5!) that I am considering a rotation. A year ago I thought it was "illegal" to work on more than one project at once - that was until I found the cross stitch blogging world and all this new possibility opened up for me! Now I love that I can change up what I'm working on based on my mood!! And, I love all the new friends that I've made who inspire me daily! Thank you.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and happy stitching!



  1. Looking good. I can't wait to start even though I realized I cut my fabric too small. I will only have an inch on each side and so I don't know whether to chance it or not.

    Oh well...guess I will sleep on it. Can't wait to see your choice of colors.

  2. Ha! ha! We caught you up in the horrid disease of startitis did we? lol...It's a wonderful thing!!! Embrace it! LOL...Love the progress and I can't wait to see how your rotation ends up!

  3. Hi Meredith, Thanks for posting my my blog. I'm in northern NJ (Wayne) to be exact. I did grow up in Monmouth County though. email me maybe we can get together!

  4. Oh heaven's...I sure hope it isn't illegal, cause I'd be locked up and the key thrown away!!!