Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just in the Nick of time...barely...

Hello and Happy Holidays! How is it December 6th already?!?! I have been stitching away and have finished up 4 ornaments for this year (just in the last 2 days!) so far (I have 1 more in the works, but time is running short now!) First up though, I wanted to show you some of my favorite stitched Christmas decorations - our Christmas Stockings. I started stitching each family member one of these the 1st year that Patrick and I got married. I have stitched them for my husband and I, our children, my parents, my Great Nana, and my sister and her family. The tradition is as each new baby is born they get their stocking for their first Christmas. Here are my families 5's stockings. I send the stitching off to a friend of mine in Kentucky and she whips up these beautiful stockings for me. They are so special to me and I look forward to hanging them with care every year.
I use a Santa Alphabet for the name and border the name with trees, M & P (my husband and I) and the year the stocking was made.

And, of course, the kids LOVE to see these filled with goodies on Christmas morning!

On the ornament front, I made 2 of the Merry Skaters from LHN. I LOVE this design.

One will stay with me and one will be a gift. (Here is the back.)

Another beautiful LHN Ornament. I love the crystal snowflakes on this and the not-so-traditional Christmas colors. (And, since I actually saw a BIG black bear about 1.5 miles from my house this summer, I think this a fabulous ornament for our tree! :-)

The back....

One more LHN - another favorite design! I tried to make the twig frame for it but didn't have much luck. Still, I like how this finishing turned out. I may have to stitch another one of these in the future and try the twig frame again...

Hope you all are well and enjoying this Christmas season with your family and friends! Thanks for visiting!!



  1. I just love your little ornaments, Meredith--so beautifully stitched and finished. And what special heirlooms all those stockings are :)

  2. Your stockings are amazing!

    The little ornaments are precious and the backing fabric is so cute!

    Happy New Year!