Sunday, March 1, 2009

A new start...

Well, I had meant to work on my Littlehouse Neigborhood this weekend but instead this Country Cottage Needleworks pattern has been calling my name all week so I finally broke down and started it last night. It is "You Are My Sunshine" and it is adorable! I think it should be a pretty quick stitch except for the fact that my son has strep, my husband feels crummy and I am temping for the next 2 weeks at a law firm where I occassionally work...but in my free time...
"You Are My Sunshine"
32 count Linen Blue Whisper (don't know who it's by)
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I think I am going to change the flower all the way to the right into another little girl though - since we have 2 girls and a boy...we'll see...
In other news, I took my youngest to a nature preserve for a toddler class on Friday! It was our first time and despite the fact that she was EXTREMELY overdressed for stomping through the woods and learning about ice she LOVED it!! If you live in NJ this is a fantastic place with lots to do and learn about for kids as well as 400 acres of land with trails through it - all about 5 miles from our house. What a find!!!
So, here's hoping I get a little bit of stitching time today, that Matt feel's better, that my hubby doesn't get worse, that the girl's don't get sick and that the 8 -12 inches of SNOW we're supposed to get starting at 9 pm tonight does not come to fruition - I'm ready for Spring!!!
Happy stitching! Mere

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  1. Great start and such cute pics! We are expecting 1-2 inches here in you know that is blizzard conditions for us and everyone is going crazy! Unfortunately, I think you too can expect some...wish it was just a couple of inches for you though.